WARNING! Read this before choosing a Removalist


As our name suggests storage within Adelaide is a specialty of ours. Richard Mitchell Removals & Storage can offer many types of Storage within Adelaide for your household furniture and effects and can cater from minimum to maximum volume of goods for your convenience. No job is too big or too small.


removals inYour goods will be stored securely at our depot in 20ft steel containers that are locked and secured, airtight and waterproof.

Your goods will be packed into the container on site and delivered by truck to our depot where your goods will stay until delivery is required. This ensures only single handling of your goods. This is best suited when access is unlikely to be required for the duration of storage. You receive a list of your goods that are loaded should you wish to retrieve something whilst it is stored in Adelaide or simply wish to check it off as it is delivered.

Some reasons why customers choose this type of storage in Adelaide;

  1. They want the "stress free" option where we come to you and handle it all.
  2. They are going overseas or interstate and want their goods securely stowed away for the duration
  3. Are building or renovating and want their goods protected during this period
  4. Dealing with a deceased estate or downsizing
  5. It is competitively priced as you only pay for the space you use

Our Office/Warehouse is AFRA endorsed. Richard Mitchell Removals & Storage have regular inspections to maintain these standards which include fumigation for pests, alarm systems checked, electrical wiring and machinery maintained, gutters cleaned and more.


At Richard Mitchell Removals you have the option of Mobile Self Storage. Convenient affordable and fast. We delivery the storage modules to you, you pack, we collect then we store for you. When you require the goods give us a call or go online and request the return of the box. Could not be easier. We provide Felt blankets free of charge to protect your goods and add load rails to the modules to maximise the storage space. Book on line at www.vaultstore.com.au

Uses for our modules

  1. Residential Storage
  2. Declutter your home for sale
  3. Events Storage
  4. Commercial Storage
  5. Records Storage
  6. Asset Storage
  7. Stock Storage

Our Services

  • Household Removals
  • Office Relocations
  • Self Storage Units
  • Storage Containers
  • Packing Supplies

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Packing Supplies

Richard Mitchell Removals & Storage have a range of professional and high quality storage cartons that will suit what your needs including portable robes for your clothes and plasma cartons to store and protect your TVs. We also stock a range of packing supplies including bubble wrap, bed covers, padding etc. to ensure that your goods are as safe as possible during transit.

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Container Specialists

Our storage containers are becoming increasingly popular in Adelaide and are a safe and secure option for the storage of your goods. Our 20ft containers are locked and secure at our depot, and are also airtight and waterproof to protect your goods from the weather while in storage. Whatever your requirements, we have a wide range of storage options to cover all possibilities both long-term and short-term.

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Our Affiliates...

Some of our trusted affiliations for all other areas of business include:

Vault Mobile Self Storage Australian Furniture Removers Association